One-to-One Mentoring


With private one-on-one sessions, we can go deeper into the content and personalize the sessions to your current needs, therefore making greater, more impactful changes in your life.  

If you would rather ‘fly solo’ than do group work, this is the option for you!

You are here for a reason. Your soul is ready for change and I am here to support you through your process.


Are you someone who is :

  • *tired of feeling trapped in your life?

  • *feeling ‘unsatisfied’ with one aspect (or many aspects) of your life?

  • *ready for change, but doesn’t know where to start?

  • *dealing with things like control issues, fear, low-self esteem, perfectionism?


We are a fabulous fit if :

  • *You are commited to your personal growth

  • *You are willing to ‘do the work’ and trust the process, even if it feels so scary

  • *You are open minded and willing to step out of your comfort zone...even if it’s just sticking your baby toe out

  • *You would rather laugh and have fun than take things so seriously all the time!

  • *You like to be creative or at least play with creativity

  • *You are ready to say YES! to yourself and invest in yourself

  • *You are curious about all the possibilities that life holds

  • *You have a deep faith and trust in God, the Universe, the Creator, or SOME higher power  


If you prefer the ‘deeper’ work where we can CUSTOMIZE your program to meet YOUR needs, this is your most EFFECTIVE option.

I am loving the freedom technology has brought us!


Now I can offer my sessions via Zoom or video call virtually anywhere in the world! If time difference is not manageable, email sessions are an option.

Cost per session: $92

Image by Steve Johnson

What People Say:


Russel Norton

"Before working with Michele I was going round and round in circles for months on end. I was stressed, depressed, lonely, worn out, out of focus, hopeless, and going downhill fast. Working with Michele gave me greater awareness of what was actually going on in my life, and I gained the strategies I needed to break the cycle. After my first session I felt humbled, and like there was a flicker of hope. Then I started catching her live videos and gained even more strategies and inspiration to keep moving forward and make small changes. I have since made great positive progress in my life, and with ongoing support I continue to move forward day by day. I highly recommend using Michele's services. She is amazing!”


Jennifer Blower Stewart

"I have found your posts and especially your live chats incredibly helpful when it comes to my own self reflections and getting through my own personal struggles. I have truly found that I make more time for my inner self now, and you have inspired that. You also have gotten me back into journaling with the activities you have suggested and it really does help. You truly are a blessing and I am grateful you are a part of my world."