These beautiful journals are the ideal companion for journaling, dreaming, contemplating, jotting down random notes, wondering, and even venting.


The cover of this journal is a print of one of Monarch's Art Journal pages, decked out with lines from the movie 'Frozen 2'. It invites you to get Fearless with your dreams. Have fun adding your own image in the middle to claim your Fearlessness!


Give the gift of inspiration and delight to your favorite writer or co-worker. Snag one for yourself and stay on the path of self-discovery of writing memories and experiences. Encourage the little artists in your life to keep a journal of doodles and drawings that you will be able to look back on many years later.


The spiral-bound journal has easy turn pages, which will allow for quick turning without any tearing. 


Another great bonus of spiral notebooks is that they can easily lay flat and prevent pages from creasing.

Ideal for personal and professional use, this journal easily slides into a purse or bag, without being heavy or bulky.

  Spiral Notebook
Width, in 0.6
Length, in 5.99
Height, in 8


Fearless (Add Your Own Image) Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line

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