Ah, the plight of an ‘Out of The Box’ introvert:

I’ve felt like an ‘outcast’, or an ‘outsider’ most of my life.

There have been brief moments where I felt like I ‘belonged’ or had a common connection with a group of people, like my core group of friends growing up, or when I went to school for Expressive Arts Therapy, where I (FINALLY!) felt like I had found my place!

But even in places or amongst groups that I felt comfortable in, I still never ‘clicked’ with JUST ONE group of people.

I was (and still am) a ‘wanderer’; a ‘vagabond’ of some sorts. I flow in and out of groups, and connect with individual people here and there, but then always end up back on my own, somehow or other.

It can sometimes be painful connecting with a group, and then seeing other connections deepen within the group as you continue to drift away. Not intentionally-but perhaps subconsciously.

But as with anything in life, I suppose this experience can either be painful or joyful, positive or negative, depending on how you look at it.

You See, being a ‘drifter’ allows me Freedom, in a sense. I ENJOY having many new experiences, with many new people. It allows me to be more ‘free flowing’ and open to new experiences that I may not be open to if I was following the same routine all of the time.

I also find that the people I end up connecting with are really great people! Super lovely people actually!

I think there are many of us out there-drifters. We weave in and out of each others’ lives, spreading positivity here and there, meeting back up when God aligns it.

Maybe there’s a reason I was drawn to a television show called ‘The Littlest Hobo’ when I was growing up (sorry for the title...I didn’t create it!) “Maybe tomorrow, I’ll want to settle down. Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep moving on…”

I’m not sure how other people perceive us ‘drifters’. Do they see us differently at all? Do we seem ‘snobby’? ‘lonely’? ‘Insecure’? ‘Unfriendly’?

Although it’s not my concern how other people perceive me, sometimes I wonder…

But I think those of us who ‘don’t belong’/’don’t follow the crowd’ can also be great leaders, way-showers, and out-of-the-box thinkers. Einstein-esque, I suppose.

Yes, there are both ups and downs to ‘not fitting in’, but as with anything, the end result is purely what you focus on.

So to all the other ‘drifters’, ‘outsiders’, ‘outcasts’ out there, or if you feel like you just don’t belong-I See You. I Feel You. I Understand You. I Honour You. I Commend You. And you’re actually, strangely, not alone.

With All My Love,