Soulmate Attraction


Ah, a Soulmate connection- it's the one thing so many of us are searching for.

But here's the catch: It's not a matter of searching. It's a matter of calling it in.

And it's also a matter of getting your own energy straight first, and coming to terms with your own self-worth.

How do I know all of this?

Because I've experienced it. I did the searching (which only got me further from my desire). Then I learned about the Law of Attraction, I 'did the work' (on myself), and I implemented what I learned. At the time I created this course, I have just celebrated my 11th anniversary in my Soulmate relationship. So I guess you could say I'm the proof!

In this course, I take you through 3 stages:

a) investigating your current situation

b) appreciating and releasing the past

c) visioning and calling in love in soulmate form.

What You Get

  • ​Audio lessons that you can listen to from anywhere

  • Accompanying worksheets where you implement what is covered in the lessons (this is where you 'do the work')

  • An oracle card reading

  • An Art Journal Vision Board process

  • BONUS Spotify Playlist to help get you in the right vibration as you go through your process

  • materials list

  • 'Follow Up' reminders to continue in your life after you have gone through the course (the process doesn't end when the course ends!) LEARN MORE/PURCHASE >