I’m a positive person, in general. It’s one of the things I’m ‘known’ for: “Oh, you’re always so happy and positive.” And truly, I AM way more positive than many people.

Here’s the deal; the cold hard truth: I AM NOT ALWAYS POSITIVE. Whaaaaatttt??? Lol, just ask my children or my partner (aren’t our loved ones the ones we are most vulnerable with?)

Mornings are often the toughest for me, which makes sense, right? Our dream states can take us to some pretty emotional places as we continue to process our lives while we sleep.

But really it’s usually when I am not quite on my path, or slightly (or largely) out of alignment that I start to feel ‘down’. I’m focusing on the wrong things; coming from a place of lack or fear; feeling overwhelmed.

In those moments, especially some mornings, it can be VERY difficult to ‘Reach for the positive thought’-one of the many popular sayings that people have been slinging around lately.

It’s true-that IS what we need to do-reach for the positive thought, but it’s definitely not always easy.

So yesterday I got to thinking, as I was in a not-so-positive state, how hard it must be for some people to reach a positive state, when I, “Miss Positivity”, struggle at times to do so myself.

And that got me to thinking about what are my ‘go-to’ actions to get myself to a place where I can find positivity again.

And here they are (at least some). I hope this helps someone:

7 Things I Do To Help Me Get To a Positive State

  1. Write or talk it out. Just get it all out. All those nonsense thoughts that are swimming around in your subconscious, keeping you down. You need to get them out! If you talk, make sure it’s to a trusted person who isn’t going to feed the negativity, or give you more information that will overwhelm you. Sometimes all we need is someone to hear us and say ONE positive thing to turn things around.

  2. Morning Affirmations. Some days I have to go straight to YouTube and throw on some positive affirmation videos, or motivational videos. Some I have saved to my computer too. One of my favourites is Bob Baker. He has a really comforting voice for me. And Louise Hay. Definitely one of my heroes. I have even recorded my own affirmations and listened to them. It’s even more powerful hearing your OWN voice!

  3. Music! I honestly am not sure I know one person whose state is not altered by hearing just the right music (totally going to plug myself here-this is one of the reasons I choose particular music for my classes)

  4. Fresh Air and Gratitude. This can be a little tricky in Canada in the winter sometimes, but when I can, I will take my coffee outside first thing, listen to the birds, breathe in the fresh air, and just sit and think about what I’m grateful for in my life.

  5. Hug Someone. Even if it’s yourself! I have definitely been known to hug myself and say “I love you”. Don’t pretend to hug someone for their sake, when really it’s you who needs a hug. Be honest. Say, “I need a hug”. (People can pick up on that energy anyway).

  6. Avoid Negative Content. This probably should have been number one. Being pulled down by ‘the rest of the world’ is not something I really struggle with any more, because I have virtually eliminated it from my life. People gossiping? I leave the conversation. Negative Nellies on Social Media-Unfollow/Friend. Videos/Movies/Shows-only funny, uplifting, content usually for me. I’m even careful what books I read, especially right before bed.

  7. Do Something Nice For Someone Else. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it feels good! But again, if you do something nice just to make yourself feel better, it’s dishonest and counter intuitive. Do it from the heart.

Now, aaallll that being said, I feel that many of us are feeling negative because we are anticipating something ‘unpleasant’ in our day (

While the above strategies will work in most cases, sometimes we actually have to make some alterations in our lives.

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if there are some things you need to work on changing, and take small steps towards those changes. (More blog posts on that to come).

May you experience more and more and more positivity in your life, every day. May you make it your goal to make THIS day happier than yesterday.

Love and Blessings,