I just responded to a woman in one of my facebook groups who was reaching out for help because she was feeling disconnected to herself lately, and having feelings of depression.

I feel that in these times, it is especially crucial to Slow Down, and focus on yourself, and really get to know yourself better.

Chances are, the reason for feelings of depression is BECAUSE of the disconnection to yourSELF, or your SOUL.

Here is my recommended list of ways to Re-Connect:

1. Get out into nature as much as possible. We sometimes forget that we are a part of nature-we are not separate from it. Immersing ourselves in nature reminds us of who we REALLY ARE. Who we came to be before we became conditioned otherwise. It’s kind of like pushing the fast forward button to reconnecting with our Soul.

2. Journal/Sketch/Doodle- to make the first suggestion even more powerful, bring a journal out in nature and either sketch what you see, or journal your feelings out. Let the trees share their words of Wisdom to you, let the wind whisper messages across your skin, let the feel and smell of the soil ground you into your being.

3. Which Brings Us to Tactic #3: Stillness: Listen, Feel, Smell, Observe, Taste (berries? Edible flowers? Sip on a natural tea, etc.). Be still and breathe. Tuning in to our senses raises our awareness and our connection to our Inner Being. How many sounds can you notice? Have you ever REALLY listened to a bird song pattern? Where is the wind touching your body the most? Which way are the leaves ‘pointing’? What are their shapes? How do they dance in the wind? Which direction are the birds flying? Are there any other creatures, or tracks around? I could go on forever…..

4. Playfulness: Being playful ALSO helps us reconnect with our Souls, and our Inner Child who often gets ignored. ‘Letting Loose’ is a way of relaxing into who we really are, instead of this constant resistance. Tap into the curiosity of your Inner Child. What was she curious about? What would she have done out there in the woods or by the river? I, personally, used to make ‘seaweed pancakes’ and top them with snails (no, I didn’t eat them, but I do believe I imagined I was running a cafe). Look for some crayfish. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers. Dip your toes in the water. Collect acorns, chestnuts, or maybe some things to make a piece of art with. Make a creation in the wild out of things lying around. There are so many ways to ‘Play’, other than structured games. This is why I do ‘Adventure Saturdays’. I’ve been posting my videos on my Instagram and Facebook page, but stay tuned for videos on my YouTube Channel!

5. Music/Movement/Dance: There is nothing like using movement and/or dance to reconnect with your Soul, or Inner Being! Movement and Dance moves you into a higher state of being. How often have you gone out to dance and suddenly your ‘problems’ just melt away? (Even without the alcohol!). Put on a gentle piece of music and dance, or put on some loud/fast music and go crazy with your moves! Moving your body releases stagnant, old, or negative energy and allows space for you to reconnect with your true self. Even putting on some uplifting music and lying there letting it seep through your body helps.

TAKE TIME FOR THESE. PUT THEM IN YOUR CALENDAR!! Your Connection to Yourself is CRUCIAL for your Well-Being and Forward-Moving Motion. Put it at the top of your priority list.

And remember...inch by inch.