Are you a daydreamer, like me, and proud of it?

It was surprisingly difficult for me to find this image, considering the fact that I feel like I spend 90% of my days in this position-thinking, scheming, and dreaming up all sorts of wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful ?)things!

My son has followed in these footsteps, and despite numerous complaints from his teachers, I knew it was a very, very good thing. That boy is so wise and intelligent, and I know this 'skill' is going to take him places!

Absolutely everything starts with the imagination, and I feel that those who have accomplished incredible things in life (Edison, Einstein, Disney, and the lesser known, Grace Hopper, Josephine Cochrane-look them up, etc.) must have been great Daydreamers.

Not that I needed to, because I know from my own experiences, but I decided to do some research on the benefits of daydreaming. Read on, and do more research if you like!

I believe we can literally change our own lives, and possibly the lives of others through the use of our imaginations. I believe it, because I live it.

With our imaginations, we are limitless. Using our imagination properly can give us hope for our future.

So if you are an avid daydreamer like me, let go of the guilt (maybe from jealous people who have forgotten how to use their imaginations?), and embrace it! It may just save your life!


Your wings are ready.