Dance Your Soul Home Signature Course


Sometimes our life experiences take what was once whole and fragments it into chunks and pieces, and then those pieces of us get buried under years of conditioning.

This course is designed to help you recover, or re-dis-cover those parts of you that you feel have been missing for some time, through the powerful modalities of Dance and Journaling.

16 Themes are covered in this course. They are recurring themes that show up in our lives. Themes in this course include: Yes, I Can!, I Am Enough, I Am Strong, I Am Beautiful, I Am Free To Be Me, I Love Myself, I Am Happy And Relaxed, I Am Powerful, I Can Decide, I Forgive, It's My Story, I Trust, I Can Set Healthy Boundaries, I Slow Down To Get Clear, I Give Myself Permission, and I Am Resilient.

What You Get

  • 2 types of dance videos per theme-Directed Dance (Follow A Couple of Simple Moves), and Expressive Body Movement (for those who prefer to 'free-style')

  • A Guided Movement Video demonstrates the moves used in the Directed Dance, so you can familiarize yourself and practice if you wish

  • Prompts for Expressive Dance

  • Beautiful PDF Workbook includes Journal Activities to DIG before you dance, and additional activities to DO after you dance, to integrate shifts/changes into your life.

  • Tons and tons and tons of loving support and practical insights throughout, to help you along your journey

View a sample from the workbook below, and click on 'learn more' to get sample videos and a full description of the course.

Download P • 3.03MB



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