Course Bundle: Dealing With Difficult Feelings (Art Journal+Dance+Journal)


**No experience with Art Journaling or Dance is required. This work is about Process, not Technique.

Although this class’s topic may ‘sound’ scary and... ‘icky’, not to worry, it is actually quite light and relaxed, calm and joyful :)

Anger is a feeling we tend to frequent a lot, so I figured we should probably address it!

Although these feelings may be unpleasant, the worst thing we can do is try to bury them, or ignore them, so in this course, we will address them in our journals and art journals, and shift them through dance.

Feelings are just information-nothing to be scared of. They are trying to tell us something. This is our opportunity to listen.

You will come out of this feeling more at peace-with where you are at, with your feelings, and with your process moving forward.

Ability Level: All levels (this is process work; no experience is required)

What You Get

  • Art Journaling Process, 'Dealing With Feelings of Anger and Frustration' (Video Class)

  • Dance video, accompanied with some additional journal mindset and motivational work

  • materials list