The Monarch Significance
What is the significance of the 'Monarch' butterfly, and why do people call me 'Monarch Mariposa'?

Mariposa is Spanish for Butterfly, and as you likely already know, butterflies are all about transformation. I am here to help you with YOUR personal transformation-hence the butterfly symbolism.


So why, specifically the Monarch Butterfly? 

The Monarch’s journey is a special journey, unlike any other. They are the only butterfly known to embark on a two-way migration, like birds do.  Monarchs journey from the country I was born (Canada) to the mountains in far off places in the South (California, Mexico, even Costa Rica apparently) in order to maintain their lineage.

It is a real mystery how the monarchs manage to survive such a long journey with perilous conditions, but even more astonishingly, the monarch that begins the journey is not the one that ends it. Returning Monarchs in fact only live for about 2 weeks, then they lay eggs and die. Miraculously, the new monarchs (once they’ve transformed from caterpillars) continue the journey South. How do they know where to go? That is the mystery. There are so many ways for that question to be answered.

My Transformational Retreats, held in Mexico near the El Rosario Monarch Sanctuary, symbolize the ‘rest point’/turning point of the journey. 

Even more important, though, is the fact that this journey is about continuing the stories of our ancestors, and carving the way for future generations. 

It is my work to pass my teachings not only to my own offspring, but to those who seek the way. YOU are the ones who will continue the journey.

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