Hi, I’m Michele.

Some people call me ‘Monarch Mariposa’, which means

‘Monarch Butterfly’ in Spanish-and I like that! 

I want you to know that:

  •  a new and improved life IS possible

  • the next ‘version’ of you is waiting (and there will be more versions after that)

  • Your dreams CAN come true

  • and I am here to lead the way and guide you in the right direction

Know this, Dear Soul-you DON’T have to make this whole journey on your own. 


I’m here to guide you, because I’ve walked the path. I’ve done, and am still doing, ‘the work’- it never ends, Honey-know that!! 


And although I have more than 2 decades of teaching experience under my belt (see below), I believe that EXPERIENCE is the best teacher. 


My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey, and the process of ‘peeling back the layers to DIScover the ‘New’ me (the ‘me’ I was always meant to be) started around 2009. 


Along my journey, I learned, among other things: 

  • What it meant to truly love myself, why it was important, and HOW to do it!

  • How to become my own best friend, and stop feeling lonely, and dependent on others for feelings of wholeness and happiness

  • How to own my power (and that this does NOT mean ‘Power Over Another’)

  • That my life was actually in my own hands, what that meant, and what I could do about that

  • The life-changing effects of forgiveness, and how to invite it into my life

  • About the Law of Attraction, the power of Visualization, and how to manifest a life I love

  • How to be more Mindful and Self-aware

  • To acknowledge, build, and develop my Spiritual Gifts of Intuition, Seeing/Knowing, and being a Lightworker/Healer

  • Most importantly, I feel- the importance of following one’s dreams, and what it takes to actually do so- a lot of courage, faith, open mindedness, and perseverance-along with Inspired ACTION! 


I was BORN a Leader/Teacher/Mentor, but you wouldn’t have known it in the beginning of my life- Extremely shy and introverted as a child (still an introvert), my self-esteem was so low, all I ever wanted to do was hide, and escape into my own imaginary worlds, where I felt safe. 


But alas, I was also gifted with the strength and courage to DO THE WORK, overcome those insecurities, and step into my calling.

Maybe you resonate?

I hope so, because it is my passion to provide transformational experiences that cultivate a greater sense of Self-Awareness, Inner Peace, Joy, Wholeness and Well-Being, so that individuals can approach life with a sense of empowerment. 


There is no glory in Victimhood, or Martyrdom. 


You are here to fulfill a purpose.  You are already ENOUGH, you are already EQUIPPED, and YES. YOU. CAN. 


It’s my passion and my purpose to be a Guide, a Light, a Beacon for others, like yourself, who are on their transformational journeys, so that they may also create, allow, and live a life of their dreams. 

About Michele Johnston

Michele Johnston, B. Ed., Honours B.A. in Psychology and Social Work, spent 20 years of her professional life as an Educator in the public school sector. In 2009 a new Dream Seed sprouted within her: She wanted to help people heal and transform their lives using the Power of The Arts and Nature Connection. 


Having experienced the great healing power of The Arts and Nature Connection her whole life, this was a dream and a passion she knew she could not ignore. It was her soul’s calling. So she studied and has been practicing in the field of Expressive Arts-an arts based branch of the mental health profession which is becoming increasingly popular due to both its effectiveness and its safely interactive, ‘low skill/high sensitivity’ approach. She has also taken Coyote Mentoring-a Deep Nature Connection Program associated with Jon Young and Richard Louv (Last Child In The Woods; Nature Deficit Disorder). 


At about the same time in her personal journey (2009), Michele opened up to her Intuitive Capabilities and Spirituality. She has devoted most of her life since then learning and increasing her spiritual connection. She has received certification in Soul Art, Spiritual Development Training, and has also taken Angel Messenger Training. She refers to herself as a Mentor and Spiritual Companion: Someone who has walked the path ahead, and is willing to walk along with you and guide you on your own healing journey.


Michele is the proud founder and owner of Monarch Mentoring Academy-Creative School For Personal and Spiritual Transformation where she uses the skills listed above to help women and children uncover subconscious limiting beliefs and patterns that are causing suffering, and find the courage to make the changes needed so they can live a life they truly love-full of love, peace and happiness.


In Creative Form:

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.17.55 PM.pn

Everybody Has a Story


Once upon a time, there was a quiet little girl with gray eyes and golden locks. Despite her shy and timid manner, this girl had an inner strength that was insurmountable. Little did she know it would come in handy on countless situations in the Adventure we call “Life”.


Somewhere along the lines (ugh, those tumultuous teens) the little girl was told/forced/taught to ‘grow up and face REALITY’. She was taught to be ‘SERIOUS’, ‘RESPONSIBLE’, an ‘EMPLOYEE’, a ‘WIFE’, a ‘HOME OWNER’, and a ‘MOM’. Oh, how the tides had turned.


All along she had an inner guidance system that was shining the light on her path back ‘home’.  She also learned many lessons along the way, such as what she liked and what she didn’t like, how to manage money, build healthy relationships, navigate problems and such.


Now, this little girl was a daydreamer. She spent much of her childhood playing in forests, streams, fields and ponds, where her imagination whisked her away to far off places. Indoors, she delved into books, journals, drawings, paintings, music, dancing, and playing pretend, where AGAIN her imagination whisked her away to far off places.


Although she sensed she had gotten ‘lost’, she still managed to find joy and creativity in her ‘regular’ routine. However, despite maintaining many creative outlets, the colour seemed to drain from the girl’s life. She fell into a deep slumber in order to numb the pain of all that had been seemingly stripped from her. But do not fret, my friends. This story has a happy ending. (I love happy endings). You see, although the girl had become a Woman….

Michele-Mariposa-555x555 copy.png

Now at some point the adult woman experienced a major shift in her life. Only then did she learn she had been living her life in black, white, and gray. She was CRAVING colour back in her life, so she started to peel back the layers until finally her true colours were again revealed.


She now lives her life in FULL colour

(literally-hair, clothes, accessories etc.) She has found her way back home, and now spends much of her time playing in forests, streams, fields and ponds. Delving into books, journals, drawings, paintings, music, dancing, and even sometimes playing pretend-where her Imagination takes her to far off places. The places she now calls ‘home’.

If my life had a soundtrack

1. Rainbow Connection-my favourite song as a child. I got it, even then

2. You Are Not Alone-I’ve healed my feelings of abandonment

3. Dancing Queen (Need I say more? I think many of us can relate)

4. Butterflies-Michael Jackson (birth of my son, Ethan)

5. Brown Eyed Girl (birth of my daughter, Mai)

6. Unwritten-’til the day I die

7. Firework-moving through low self-esteem

8. Angel-yes, I believe in them. Strongly.

9. Break Away - Sums everything up beautifully. To a ‘T’.

Click on my YouTube playlist to the right to hear the soundtrack of my life!