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Hello & Welcome to Monarch Mentoring Academy-

A Virtual School for Personal and Spiritual Transformation!


I Am Your Teacher, Mentor, and Guide

I’m Michele Johnston, also known as 'Monarch Mariposa', or sometimes just 'Monarch'.  If you are wondering  why this is, check out 'Monarch Significance' in the  'About' section!

I'm an artist, dancer, and former school teacher (once a teacher, always a teacher). and also have: 

  • An honours BA in Psychology/Social Work

  • training in Expressive Arts Therapy

  • training in Healing Through Nature Connection

I now use this combined set of skills to mentor women into their greatness, on their own personal journey of transformation, spiritual awakening , and growth. 


As a teacher, often my first priority was nurturing the kids' social and emotional needs first and foremost, because I knew that without those in check, they would not be able to learn and function to their greatest potential

This is why: 

The courses, workshops, and retreats (now offered virtually as well) I offer focus on topics that have you saying,


"I wish I had learned THAT in school!" 


Such as: 

  • Cultivating A Positive Mindset, Inner Peace, Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

  • Forgiveness

  • Letting Go

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Taking Care of Your Own Well-Being

  • How To Access Your Own Inner Wisdom

  • Spiritual Development

  • Developing a Deeper Connection to Your Higher Self, Your Soul, and The World Around You

  • Manifesting, and Turning Your Dreams Into Reality!

THESE ARE ALL SKILLS NEED TO BUILD IN ORDER TO FULLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, AND TRULY EXPERIENCE THE CHANGES YOU’VE BEEN LONGING FOR  (Higher Self-Esteem, Better Relationships, More Confidence and Respect, A Greater Sense of Inner Peace, Feeling More Relaxed, and most of all, Feeling loved and supported).


I KNOW this journey, Dear Soul. I know what it feels like to not love and value yourself, to feel like you don't belong, or that you don't have a voice. ..or a choice.


I also know what it feels like-and what it takes-to change and shift to being more empowered-to finally break through, discover parts of yourself that have been buried deep underneath pain and conditioning, to reclaim your soul connection and your own inner power. 


How Do I Know?


I've spent over a decade consciously working on my own personal development-healing wounds from the past, reframing limiting beliefs, changing negative patterns, and undoing the conditioning that kept me feeling like I was 'not enough'. In other words, shifting from a place of Victimhood into one of Empowerment. And I want to help you do the same.


I believe in transformation, or 'creating better lives for ourselves’, and I believe in following our dreams.


I also know, first hand, the healing and transformational power of both The Arts and Nature Connection. They are the main tools I use for personal transformation, because they create a safe container to explore and express oneself. That is why they form the basis of all of my courses.


No matter what stage of your journey you are on, you are bound to find something here that will guide you to YOUR next level of transformation, and help you soar to your highest potential. 

xo Michele Johnston,

the Monarch Mariposa

Image by Steve Johnson

Cindy Busch

"Michele had a magical way of helping me identify and understand.  I always felt understood,  justified,  and empowered when I was with her. She taught me to look deep within myself and understand what my thoughts mean and how I should really listen to my self talk. I could never do this by myself."


Jules Pollard

"Michele has a delightful joy and tenderness that shines brightly when you are with her. Her intuition is spot on and her preparedness is appreciated. I would recommend Monarch Mentoring for anyone who is looking to release the butterfly within." 

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